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With the changing situation concerning Covid-19  the Centre Committee are following the official advice of the UK Government and Officials.  

As lockdown eases we will be looking to organise outdoor events

Please continue to use the WhatsApp group to keep in touch with Centre members and if you are not getting the regular emails then please contact Simon, our centre secretary.

MSCC advice – click here

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Planning of a few events as lockdown eases – look at upcoming events

The Warwickshire Centre is one of thirty five regional ‘Centres’ of the Morgan Sports Car Club. It has around 60 Members and all have at least one common interest…

‘Morgan Sports Cars’ We enjoy our cars by combining simple ‘Drives’ to local places of interest, local Pubs or just a ‘Drive’. These can be for an afternoon or spread into a weekend for those that want to travel further afield. Some of us travel even further into Europe and beyond…

Where possible we join other ‘Centres’ to enhance the pleasure of enjoyment of our ‘Cars’ and each others company.

The regular monthly ‘meet’ is known as a ‘Noggin’ within the Morgan Sports Car Club and these are currently held at the West Midlands Golf (Club on the 3rd Friday of the month. (details can be found here).

There is no membership fee as this is part of the ‘Morgan Sports Car Club’ Membership. (MSCC Members are only able to vote at the Centre AGM). 

So come along if you own, wish to own or simply like ‘Morgan Cars’…

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