Morgan cars Weekend away in Peak District

The Warwickshire Centre of the MSCC had a great weekend away in the Peak District and visited the Crich Tramway  Museum.  This was an excellent visit and it brought out the child like behaviours in many of us.   It all started with a wonderful scenic drive through Warwickshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire only getting caught once by the rain.  The old motto of drive faster and you won’t get wet work so far, but failed in the towns. 

Our arrival at the museum was with a drive down the main tram lines and parking outside the local pub.  Here, all of our cars were admired by the visitors and added to their day.

We tried to ride all of the trams but unfortunately we had our timings a little out and only managed 2 of the 4 available.

After the museum we had a short drive to our hotel near Nottingham.  Here we all enjoyed a great 3 course meal, washed down with some wine followed by a coffee (or brandy in one case!).  There were two weddings going on in the hotel and we did wonder whether we should join in, but though better of it.  The following morning some of our party made the most of the swimming and Spa facilities before enjoying a hearty cooked breakfast.  After breakfast we said our goodbyes as Liz and Simon were off ‘North’ for a short break whilst Brian, Jenny, Paul and Christine decided to go and explore some of the beautiful south Derbyshire countryside.

A great weekend and thanks goes to Brian Harris for organising it.  Hopefully next year more people will come and join the weekend away.

I love my car
Me and my car!