Constitution of the Morgan Sports Car Club - Warwickshire Centre

Issue No 4 Date 19th April 2019

1. Name
1.1 The full name of the Centre shall be ‘The Morgan Sports Car Club Warwickshire Centre’
2. Objectives
2.1 The objectives of the Centre are:
2.1.1 To abide by the rules and regulations as set out in the Centre Secretary’s Information Pack (CSIP) published on the MSCC website.
2.1.2 To encourage contact between MSCC members through organised events and meetings.
2.1.3 To afford MSCC members such benefits and privileges as it may be possible to arrange
2.1.4 To be a non-profit making organisation
3. Management
3.1 Authority and responsibility for the business and property of the Centre will be vested in the Centre Secretary.
3.2 To achieve clause 2 the Centre Secretary may be assisted by the Warwickshire Centre Committee comprising of up to five elected Centre members.
4. Compliance with GDPR (section 7 of CSIP)
4.1 The Centre Secretary will hold a listing of current MSCC members who have completed an electronic Centre membership form via the Centre web site.. The information will be stored in Electronic devices which are password protected.
4.2 The information will not be shared without prior permission, for any reason other than to notify members about Centre events/news.
4.3 If membership lapses the details, including any paper copies will delete or destroyed.
4.4 The hard drive of any computer equipment holding a ‘local’ copy of members information should be destroyed or made unreadable before being disposed of.
4.5 The Centre’s privacy policy is published on the Centre website, it is available to members and nonmembers.
5. Membership to the Centre
5.1 Membership shall be on confirmation of a current MSCC membership number and on the completion of the Centre membership form or sign up on the Warwickshire Centre web site, either will request to hold the contact details on the Centre membership list.
5.2 To comply with GDPR if there is more than one person per membership all named individuals must given their permission for their details to be held.
5.3 Non-centre members who are MSCC members are welcomed and encouraged to take part in Warwickshire Centre activities, noggins, etc.
5.4 Centre members will have the option to cancel their membership either via the Centre web site or in writing to the Centre secretary.
6. Subscription of Membership
6.1 There will be no annual subscription fee to the Warwickshire Centre.
7. Elections and Voting rights
7.1 All candidates for posts must be paid up members of the MSCC and a member of the Centre.
7.2 All proposals and secondments for positions can only be made by centre members and shall reach the Centre Secretary at least 48 hours prior to the AGM or EGM.
7.3 Each centre member having complied with clause 5 and having attended at least three centre events or meetings (including the Centre AGM or EGM) shall be entitled to one voting card per subscription at the Centre AGM or EGM. In the case of MSCC Family membership centre members complying with clause 5 will be entitled to two voting cards if both present at the Centre AGM or EGM.
7.4 Centre members shall be entitled to a proxy vote provided they have given written permission to the Centre Secretary 48 hours prior to the meeting.
7.5 Attendance at Centre meetings or events shall be confirmed by recording individuals presence in the Centre attendance ledger. This record shall be verified when required for compliance with clause 7.3
8. Annual General Meeting
8.1 The Centre Secretary shall set the venue and the date of the AGM.
8.2 Centre members shall have at least four weeks notice of the date and time of the AGM.
8.3 For voting purposes a quorum of eight centre members is required.
8.4 The business transacted at an AGM shall include :-
8.4.1 Election of officers for the following year.
8.4.2 Approval and passing of the accounts for the previous year.
8.5 Centre members wishing to raise issues at the AGM shall notify the Centre Secretary in writing at least two weeks before the AGM
9. Records and Property
9.1 The Centre Secretary shall be responsible for the safe keeping of Centre records and property.
9.2 In the demise of the Centre all the finances and equipment will be passed on to MSCC.
9.3 Centre members addresses and contact details will be kept by the Centre Secretary, those members willing to have their details circulated amongst other centre members will be required to confirm this when signing up for membership via the Centre web site or with the Centre Secretary and when their membership becomes due for renewal.
10. Extraordinary General Meeting
10.1 The Centre Secretary may call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), or at the written request of at least eight centre members.
11 Members not to make a profit out of the Centre
11.1 No centre member may on any pretence or in any other manner receive any profit or salary from the funds of the Centre.
11.2 Where a centre member incurs costs in organising centre events, such costs may be re-imbursed.
12. Alterations to the Constitution.
12.1 Alterations to the constitution shall only be made at the AGM or at an EGM called in accordance with clause 10.
12.2 Such alterations shall not become effective unless supported by over 50% of the total number of voting centre members present at the AGM or at an EGM providing this is over five votes. Except that where an alteration is required by the rules or guidelines laid down by the MSCC the alteration shall be tabled at the AGM or at an EGM and be automatically adopted at the meeting without the need for a vote.
12.3 Any centre member proposing an alteration to the constitution shall notify the Centre Secretary of the details in writing at least four weeks before the relevant meeting.
12.4 Any such proposed alteration shall be notified to the Centre members via either,
i) the Centre Newsletter,
ii) e-mail, or
iii) the Centre web-site .
12.5 The Centre Secretary shall notify the MSCC of any alterations to the constitution.

Signed on behalf of the The Morgan Sports Car Club Warwickshire Centre

Centre Secretary

Issue nr. 1 – 17th August 2007
Issue nr. 2 – Revision 17th August 2012 – ‘Affiliated centre members’ to be replaced with ‘Centre members’ and supplement to clause 12.2
Issue nr. 3 – Revision 19th September 2014 – Centre members addresses and contact details- New clause 9.3
Issue nr. 4 – Revision 19th April 2019 –
 i). New section 4 for Compliance with GDPR (section 7 of CSIP). Subsequent sections re-numbered, and
 ii). Suspension of the annual subscription fee, clause 6.1, and
 iii). Update clauses 9.3 and 12.4, and
 iv). Cancelling membership clause 5.4 

Off we go.


All parked up for Brunch and standing for the photo shoot.



A hearty breakfast enjoyed by everyone

Bernard and Joanne at the Cotswold Farm shop & Cafe did us all proud with great food an endless stream of hot coffee and tea before we all sang Happy Birthday to Shirley.


It was then a short drive to Batsford Arboretum where the sun came up after we had all put up our roofs – some cars being easier than others. A number of people then went around the arboretum viewing the tree blossoms before a cup of tea and cake in the garden centre.

Altogether a great day out and it was wonderful to see so many centre members enjoying Drive-it day